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Steam Train Trip




Take a ride on the Victoria Falls Steam Train and experience true colonial splendor. A trip on the steam train during your stay at Victoria Falls will transform you to a bygone era of luxury steam train travel.


Drinks, Return Transfers, Snacks
16:30 Summer, 16:00 Winter, Tuesdays and Fridays Only
3 hours

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As of 31st January 2017 The Victoria Falls Steam Train will become a dinner train and the steam train dinner will cost $180 per person.
The experience will include a four course gourmet dinner, prepared by the talented chefs of Victoria Falls Hotel. Drinks will be included in the ticket price, with the exception of spirits and champagne.


Victoria Falls Steam Train Trip. A trip on the steam train during your stay at Victoria Falls will transform you to a bygone era of luxury steam train travel. Go back in time and embark on a journey to the Victoria Falls Bridge in the comfort of stately carriages. The Steam Train departs from The Victoria Falls Station which is situated behind the Victoria Falls Hotel. This is a fitting departure point as the Hotel was built in 1904 to accommodate the workers building the Cape to Cairo Railway Line and the Victoria Falls Bridge. The hotel building itself is actually still owned by the Zimbabwe Railways.


After departure the Steam Train makes its way through the bush and towards the Victoria Falls Bridge. Once on the bridge you will be invited to step off the train and onto the Victoria Falls Bridge. From here you will be able to watch the sun set behind the Victoria falls before you make your way back to the station.


*Please note that the Victoria Falls Steam Train only departs on Tuesdays and Fridays.




Victoria Falls Steam Train Club Car

Carriage No. 14661. This carriage houses the small lounge and bar, as well as the kitchen. This carriage can be used as a pre-dinner drinks venue for about 10 guests.


Victoria Falls Steam Train Dining Car

Carriage No. 197. This carriage is the sister to famous Wembley Dining Car. The carriage was built in 1923. This carriage still has the original fans and the 7×4 and 8×2 table configuration.


Victoria Falls Steam Train Observation Car

Carriage No. 255. This carriage sits at the back of the train and houses a bar and veranda viewing deck.


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